Monday, November 24, 2008

Spent a few hours in the ER Friday night

I have been dealing with headaches for most of my adult life. The past few weeks they have been pretty bad. Friday it just took the cake though. :( The Tylenol was NOT working and I didn't know what else to do. I ended up calling my mom in tears seeing if she knew of anything to help with the pain. She told me enough is enough and to call my OB or she was going to. So I called. My nurse, Kristen, told me that if the Tylenol was not helping the only other option I had was to go to the ER and have them give me something through an IV. She also wanted me to go ahead and come to the office to leave a urine sample because I thought I may have been getting a bladder infection. So we pack everything up and head to Tulsa. I didn't have to wait long at all to get in when we got to the ER, thank God. They took a look at my arms and decided my veins suck, I already knew that though since I go through this stuff a lot, so she asks me where they usually go in at and I point to the exact spot. Does the nurse listen to me??? NO! WTH?!?! Don't ask if you aren't going to listen to me! So she proceeds to insert the IV into another vein. After digging for what seemed like FOREVER she decided she was not going to find anything and to try the spot I pointed out. DUH! So guess what?!!? She had NO trouble getting the IV in that vein! GAAH!! So I finally get my meds, one of them made me feel REALLY weird. They also wanted to do a CT Scan. So off I went to another room to wait and wait and wait. They finally move me to the hall by the scan room and I waited there for about 20 min. After the guy took me into the room he asked if there was a chance I could be pregnant. Um YES! How did that little morsel of info miss you, everyone else knew I was pregnant there. So I told him "Oh yeah, I am 16 weeks." So he runs off to a little room talks to someone and comes back out to tell me there is still a chance the radiation can get to the baby, even if they shield me, because there is SO much with a CT Scan. So I opt out of it and off I went back to my room. The ER doc was NOT happy that I opted out but 1) I am not going to take the chance as small as it may be and 2) that is my right! So an HOUR later we were able to go. We were only there 3 hours so I can't complain too much, I just hate waiting. Saturday was a great day, I felt fine other than just REALLY thirsty. Then Sunday the headache returned. :( They sent me home with a script for something to help but I have not been able to get to Wal~Mart yet. But, they have not been NEAR as bad as Friday's, so that is good. I have exactly one week until my next OB appointment and can not wait!! I really hope we are able to see what the baby is!!! It is driving me nuts not knowing! I can't shop, I don't know whether to go ahead and start getting Madison's baby stuff out or selling it or what, I can't plan the nursery! Ugh! lol I really wish there was a painless way to tell what the baby was at day one! lol Maybe someday.

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