Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where does your memory go?

It's just because you are busy.
It's just because you are a mom with young kids.
It's just because....
It's just because......

SO!  Here I am reaching 20 30 and can not for the life of me remember half the stuff I SHOULD remember!  Like right at this second, I can't remember what my point of this was going to be.  I am certain there was a point and I am certain it was going to be a good one because well, I just don't blog about just anything!

I mean really, where does your memory go?  You are going through life all fine and hunky dory then all of the sudden WHAM!  You can't remember your own name half the time!

You want my phone number?  Yeah, well you can just expect to sit there and wait a few minutes for my brain to pull that one out of file.

Just the other day I was filling out paper work and was asked for my social security number.  I for the life of me could not remember what it was!  I have had that number memorized for the past 20 years, at least.  Really?  Really?  I can't even remember MY OWN social security number?  Are you kidding me? 

Well thank God for moms!  She came to my rescue and saved me on that one!

Trying to have a conversation with me is pretty comical, to say the least.  We will start talking and then all of the sudden I can't remember what in the world I was going to say or what we were talking about.  There are the awkward pauses and the awkward laughs because neither of us can read my mind!


If someone finds my memory could you kindly ask it to return to me?  I would greatly appreciate it!  So would my husband.  And my mom.  And my children.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daddy's Hands

I snapped this pic at a recent football game.  This is the hand of my Grandpa.  He has worked hard through out his life and you can see that in his hands.  But you can also see how much he cares for us, his family, in his hands.  The night this picture was taken was Breast Cancer Awareness Night.  In support of my aunt, his daughter, he is sporting this pink ring.  Such a small gesture that means so much.

I love you Grandpa!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

God is working on me!

Isn't it amazing to just sit back and let God have control of your life?  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever just sat back and said "Ok God, I am tired.  I know there is more to my life than what I have now.  I know you have a plan for me and I am ready to see this plan come to light.  God, I am putting you in control of my life and I am taking a back seat."  If not, you really should. 

For the past year I have felt this tugging on my heart.  I am lucky to be surronded by some pretty amazing women of faith, I will call them out.  They are my MSQ sisters.  I have been watching what God is doing in their lives and I wanted to be like them.  Sometimes, you just know you are not complete.

In March (I think it was March) I was invited to speak at a local church about coupons.  My friend Susan goes to church there.  I was speaking at their monthly women's meeting.  I met some pretty amazing people that night and since that day have thought about them now and then.

A little over a month ago Susan invited me back to church.  She got me with dinner for just $3.  I won't lie.  lol  What is better to a mom than a cheap meal at someone elses place and not having to clean up?  HELLO!  But, I was also going because I knew I NEEDED to be there.

I have to admit it was kind of odd being in church again and not being there because it was a holiday or because Grandpa was singing a special that day.  I was going because I KNEW I NEEDED to be there.  I have always had a relationship with God but have not been in a church in a while.

I had gotten to the point of thinking "What is the big deal?  I worship God in my home and try to live my life the way he would want me to live it."  Well, now that I have been going a few weeks I am amazed at just how much actually GOING to church can do for you.  I have never cried so much in my life!  lol  It is a good cry, a pure, raw, emotional, Spirit filled cry.  I think the last time I have felt that was FCA camp my senior year.

Now, let me tell you, A few weeks ago I was questioning my decision on going to THIS church.  I just wasn't sure that THIS church was were I needed to be.  I am 100% sure tonight that THIS church is where I am supposed to be now.  There is no doubt in my mind anymore, THIS is where I belong.

The reason I was doubting my decision, or should I say God's decision, was because it was different than what I had known.  I grew up in the First Christian Church and this was NOT that church.  This church is Assembly of God and is WAY different.  But, sometimes different is good.

Yes, I have seen some things in this church that I have never in my life seen before.  I will admit, at first I thought it was kind of weird.  But, I continued to pray and listen to God.  I may not fully understand the why's or the how's but I know I will get there.

I do want to share what happened tonight.  I was sitting in church, listening to the preacher do his thang.  But this time I was REALLY listening.  He then opened up the Alter and I watched as the people of the church were being prayed for and some pretty amazing things were going on.  While I don't fully understand everything, I was sitting in my seat praying that someone would come talk to me about it.  I was praying that Phyllis, one of the ladies there, would have the time at some point to talk to me about everything.  I knew it may not happen tonight but I prayed that at just some point in my journey she would.  Then, what do I see?  Phyllis is walking back to her seat.  She stops, then comes over and sits beside me and starts talking to me about everything!  I am not kidding!  It was AMAZING!  Thank God for her!  She was telling me about a man in the church and his journey and trying to explain some things.  Guess who I randomly ran into at Braum's later that night?  Yep, that guy.  I have NO DOUBT that THIS is where I am supposed to be!  THIS is MY Church!  Praise God!