Friday, July 31, 2009

Buying School Clothes on a Budget

Well, it is that time of year. Time to start shopping and getting all those great back to school deals. It can be SO overwhelming thinking about what all you "think" you need to buy your kids. Here are a few things that can help you along your quest for the cutest kid in class.

Start with a list! I know, I don't like lists either but in this case they really do help.
~Take inventory of what your child already has. You may be surprised that those jeans from last year still fit. Or that your 5 year old can actually fit into some of your older child's old clothes. Try things on, put things aside and the things that do not fit anymore, donate! This is a great time to donate clothes!
~Think of items you will need throughout the school year and how many of each and put those on the list.
~Make a list for EACH child. It is OK if one child's list is longer than the other.

Set a Budget!
~You should be able to set a budget that still allows you to get your kids some of what they want.
~Make sure to let your older kids know what the budget is. This way they will have a better understanding as to why you have to say to certain things. This may even get them more involved in making the right decisions.

IF your kids are old enough ask them for a wish list
~If you can swing it buy one or two things off of this list. Don't forget that kids, especially teens, expectations are way different than ours. It may help to ask them what one or two items they just can't live without and go from there.

Look for sales
~Most states offer a "tax holiday". Oklahoma's is next weekend.
~Check store websites and sign-up for e-mail clubs to get in-store coupons, online codes and online coupons. I NEVER buy anything online unless I have a coupon code and/or it is free shipping. Go to Ebates or Cashbaq, they offer several coupon codes. You can even sign up on each site to earn rebates on your purchases! You can sign up for Ebates here and Cashbaq here.
~Check out for where to find the best deals on supplies, price matches and coupons.
Try on clothes at the store, write down what you like and see if you can find the style and size online with a coupon code for free or discounted shipping. If you do any shopping online, shop through Ebates or Cashbaq to earn a rebate on your purchase. These sites also offer several coupon codes that you can use to save even more.

Don't Forget
~Check out Children's Orchard and Plato's Closet (if you are in the Tulsa area) for great hardly worn clothes! I know I often take never worn items to Children's Orchard! You can usually find some GREAT deals at consignment stores.
~If you feel like digging Ross is always good. I like going there for shoes, for me. lol
~If you are going to shop at a consignment store see if you have anything you can take in for consignment! Why not get paid to shop? Like I said before, this is a great time to go through closets and get rid of things!
~Just Between Friends is a GREAT place to find some bargains! Make sure to get there EARLY though, things go FAST!

Feel free to add your secrets!

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