Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey, hey, look what's new!

So I am going to be making some changes around here! For those that follow me on Facebook you already know I try to feature a product every Friday that is free. Well I just realized last night that I am totally leaving my blog followers out when I do that! So I will now be doing this on my blog and it will copy over to Facebook! WooHoo! I am also going to be doing GIVEAWAYS!! HELLO!! Who doesn't LOVE the chance to win something totally fabulous? Right now it looks like it will be just one a month. The more I get in the more often I will do them. If you have something you make or sale and would like to include it in one of my giveaways shoot me a message and I will get you on the list. I will also be doing something fun/cool everyday and more than likely it will have some cheesy name to it. But it will be fun and you all will love.

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