Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lot's of great deals this week!

Let me start with my savings at the Grocery store today. Now, this was a rushed trip as we were hurrying to get back in time for the parade and I had not made a list or had time to get all of my coupons together. I spent a total of $70!!! WOW! That is amazing to me! SOOO many great deals this week at Reasor's! How did I manage this? Well I shopped just the ad, matched my coupons up and also grabbed some in store specials. WooHoo!! Oh and this trip today should last us about 2 weeks, if not a bit more, still need to get milk though but I have a GC for that so it will be FREE! ;)
I just heard about Toys R Us/Babies R Us and their fantasticly awesome trade in program they are rolling out! This could not come at a better time either! The program starts this Friday and ends Sept 20th. How it works: take in your old strollers, carseats, playpens, cribs, etc and get a coupon for 20% off the purchase of a new one! There is NO LIMIT as to how many items you can take in, well not yet at least. It doesn't matter when or where you bought the product either. Why are they doing this? Because they care and are trying to keep our kids safe. There have been a lot of product recalls of late and they are just doing what they can to keep the little ones safe and happy. You can check out this report for the entire story.
Would you like to learn how to slash your grocery bill by 50%? For FREE? Well, you are in luck! Ms Sarah, excuse me, Queen Sarah is giving away a spot in her next class! But hurry! You do NOT want to miss this opportunity! Head on over to her blog and enter today! Tell her you saw the link here!
Head on over to and get a FREE Hallmark card! HURRY! These will not last long!
Now through Saturday you can save $5 off of $25 at Walgreens! Head over here and print off your coupon to take with you! Want to know the best deals at Walgreens this week? Check out the match ups here.
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