Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yes I AM a dork!

There, I said it! You can agree with me, that is just fine. I so deserve it after the day I just had! lol

So John had to be at work at 8:00am this morning, he left the house at 7:15! I gave him a hard time for leaving so early and he said when he doesn't leave early something always happens to make him late. Ok whatever! So he notices his tire is a bit low so he drives to the gas station to put air in it. He starts putting air in and it is just spewing right back out. There was a hole the size of a quarter in his tire! So to the tire store he goes, they were kind enough to drive him to work while they put the tire on, it also helps to know the owner. lol John worked there in HS. So that happens. About 3:00pm he calls me and needs me to pick him up from work and take him to pick up his car. So it is REALLY hot outside so I decide to go start the car and let it cool off, come back inside to get the girls ready then go back out. I go to open Madison's door and it is locked. Well crap! It's ok, my car has an auto lock on it but it always leaves the drivers side door unlocked. Go to open my door and the door won't open! OMG! I locked my keys in the car, it was running, my diaper back and PHONE are inside! UGH! We don't have a home phone, just use our cell phones. What am I going to do?!?! So the girls and I walk over to our neighbors house and use their phone. Call John so he can come to our rescue, or send someone to come to our rescue. Well, he was not there! He had stepped out! I started to panic a bit but then left a VERY detailed message with the guy he was working with. Waited about 5 minutes and called back. He had already left. Ok, we will go back to our house and wait, I had not locked the front door yet so that is good. THEN, Robert (the guy John was working with) tells me John has already left and the extra key was in the house. AWESOME! So I run back over to look for the key and email John. Wait! EMAIL John?!?! HELLO!! Why didn't I think of that FIRST! ROFL Then I remembered he was already on his way so emailing would do NO good what so ever! ROFL So I continue the search. I could not find that darn key anywhere! John finally gets here and goes right to the key! YAY! My knight in shinning armor saved us! lol So I followed him to work so he could take the car he borrowed back and we could go get his. Then I told him I almost emailed him and why hadn't I thought of that first and you know what he told me? Their email server went down about 3:45pm and he would have never gotten the emails. See, things always happen for a reason! lol So since this is the second time I have locked my keys in the car in less than a year I think we may look into AAA or one of those things that you put the key in and stick on your car! ROFL

Oh and did I mention today is John's birthday? ROFL What a way to spend your birthday! lol

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