Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am SO excited to tell you all about this!!

My friend Sarah, THE 918 Coupon Queen, has totally updated her blog! Well, it is SO much more than a blog so I don't think I can call it that anymore. How about site, yeah, that is better. Take a moment or two and check it out, you will NOT be disappointed! You will find her blog, coupon matchups, hottest deals, coupon database, restaurant coupons, Sarah's devotional, giveaways, and so, so, SO much more! REALLY! You HAVE to go check it out! Did I mention she also has forums over there? She does! I love it! Go register and sign up for the first coupon train! Did you know coupons are regional so my friends in say Ill. will have different coupons than me! So let's get this train going and swap some coupons so we can all get the best deals on the products we use most! Don't forget when registering to mention I sent you her way, my user name is bnmorgan.
**I forgot to mention since she JUST updated there may be a few kinks they still need to work out, so just hang tight if you run into anything odd.

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918 Coupon Queen said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad you like the site! Yes, there are a few kinks but most of it is going well!

Chat it up on the forums-I don't think everyone realizes they are there yet but once they are full it will be fun!!!

Have a great weekend!