Friday, September 5, 2008

My journey....

It all started last July. Madison just turned 2 and we started talking about trying for another. We both knew we each wanted more children and wanted them before we were 30. In September we got SO excited, I was late REALLY!! It only took 2 months of trying! That was awesome! One problem, the pregnancy tests kept saying negative! :( So I decided to wait one more week and then if they were still negative and still no sign of my period I was going to call my doctor. AF (Aunt Flo, ones period) showed up 2 days later. I was heart broken! My cycles got more and more irregular from that point on. 30 days one month, 36 the next, 32 the next, so on and so on. In Feb Madison had to go in for surgery. That was another good month for us. I kind of thought I might be but wasn't sure. Well, turns out I was not. I did ovulate that month but did not get pregnant. Then April rolled around. Ohhhh that was a bad month! I was SO late! Later than I was in September. I just knew I was pregnant! Well, I was not! I decided I need to go to the doctor and find out just what was going on. Except, my doctor wasn't concerned! She had me come in and told me to take some ovulation tests every day and we will go from there and once it has been one year worth of trying to come back and she will see what is up. WHAT!?!?! I just wanted some answers and my own doctor wouldn't even try to answer them?!?! At that point I started looking for a new doctor. In June I was seen by my angel, Dr. Heather Summers.

It had been 63 days since my last period! 63 days! OMG! This time though I didn't "feel" pregnant. All along I had been charting my cycles and any changes with my body. She took one look at my charts and told me I have ovulated just TWICE in the last 10.5 months! Holy cow! She thought I may have something called POCS so she did a whole slew of blood tests on me. Everything came back fine and we weren't sure why I hadn't been ovulating. Not even sure if I do in fact have POCS or not. So she gave me some pills to make me start my period, once she got the test back that I was not pregnant of course. Seven days later, I started my period. We tried once again that month and nothing. I was just about to start another round of Provera to make me start my period in July when all the sudden AF decided to visit on her own! Ohh!! That is a GOOD sign! Dr. Summers decided to put me on Femara to make me ovulate. I took my pills for those five days in early August. Went in for an ultrasound on day 12 to make sure they worked and..............I was all set up! I had a nice looking follicle just ready to ovulate! You know what that means! Hubby and I got busy! lol

On day 22 I went in for MORE blood work to check to make sure that I did ovulate. I went in on Friday and on Monday Kristen, my nurse, called. She said that they number they look for an indication that I did ovulate is 10, my number was 13!!! I OVULATED!!!!! At this point I was already feeling some of the "signs" of early pregnancy. My boobs hurt like CRAZY! I didn't want to get excited just yet because I had been let down soooo many times before. I waited for what seemed like FOREVER, it was really only a week, and took a home pregnancy test.

I took the test on Friday 8/29/08 and.......OMG! THERE IS A LINE! OMG! OMG! OMG! It was hardly there but it WAS THERE!! I could see it just peeking through! Holy cow!! OMG! I am pregnant!! OMG! Just to be sure I took a test every day until Monday when I finally got a REALLY dark line!!!!! So now I go in next Tuesday for...yep, MORE blood work and to fill out the lovely paperwork that comes along with your prenatal visits. It still hasn't really hit me yet and probably won't until a) I get the pos blood test back, b) I hear the heartbeat or c) I start showing.

So, now that you have my back story of just exactly how we got to this point, welcome to my journey!

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Kylee said...

I'm so glad you got the news you've been waiting for!