Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It is officially official! I AM in fact PREGNANT! YAY!!! I had my first appointment today, well sort of. I met with the nurse, went over everyones medical history and did my official blood work! They had to take 7 viles from me today! OMG! I HATE having blood drawn! HATE IT! I told the nice lady doing it today to use the butterfly and what vein and.....she got it on the VERY first try! That is awesome! Usually they end up sticking me like 5 times, not kidding! I go in for my first actual doctor visit on Oct 3rd. I will also have an ultrasound done that day! OMG! I am SO excited! It still hasn't really hit me yet though. :( Is that normal? I don't know what my brain is waiting on. I feel great also! By this time with Madison I was just ready to hork at any moment, but was always able to hold it in. Smells also got to me really bad with her but, so far so good with this one. Oh, and the nurse set my due date for May 10th. I am sure it will get changed a few times though. Oh! And that pain on my left side, it IS my muscles stretching already!

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