Thursday, October 30, 2008

My appointment today....

It was boring, and that is NOT a bad thing! lol I found out that instead of using the tape measure to measure you she just does an ultrasound EVERY TIME! YAY! That totally rocks!!! So we got to see the baby AGAIN today! lol WooHoo!! IT is growing very well. I hope I don't have to call it IT for much longer, that just doesn't seem nice! lol Anyway, the baby is measuring right on course...12weeks 6days, I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. It is 10.5 centimeters long! lol Such a tiny little thing. I LOVE my doctor, she totally rocks! I go back on Dec 1st, that seems SO far away! Hopefully we will be able to see what we are having then, I will be 17.5 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed on that, it is KILLING me not knowing what IT is. I still think boy and after today think boy even more. Madison was such an active little thing and this one moves but not near as much or spasticly as Madison did. Plus the hear rate isn't as fast as hers was, which they say doesn't matter but it was right with her. We shall see I guess. John still like Mathew Davis for a boy but I am not big on it anymore since Madison is the female version of Mathew that just seems weird to name him that now. I still have 6 months to work on him about it though if it is a boy! lol

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