Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok so I am really bad about updating this!

I am sooo sorry! The wedding went great, glad it is over though! lol My life isn't so crazy anymore! Even though I didn't do much for it I was still stressed out about it!
Soooooooooo......... The appointment went great! All of my tests came back great! I don't know who is more excited that I am pregnant, me or my doctor! ROFL I am her first patient to take Femera, she is SO excited it worked on the first round!! YAY! So we got all ready for the ultrasound and right before she comes up to me and says "You know, I may just pass out if there are three in there!" OMG! ROFL I told her I would be on the floor with her! ROFL Well.....there is just one, that she found anyway. lol I was able to hear the heartbeat. I can't even tell you what it sounded like because I didn't realize what it was at first. My exact words after about 15 seconds were "OMG! Is that the heartbeat?" ROFL ROFL As we, Madison went with me, were walking out of the building I got this overwhelming feeling that I am having a boy. We shall see. I do REALLY want another girl, then we can try for a boy, but of course I will be more than thrilled with whatever we get! And YES! I WILL be finding out what we are having! I can NOT stand surprises! HATE surprises! The morning sickness still comes and goes, yesterday was pretty rough. It was the closest I have come to throwing up yet. I have figured out I will pretty much fight with my life to NOT puke! lol Plus, throwing up in a toilet totally grosses me out! lol I know, I am weird, but I don't care how clean they are they still smell! lol I am doing good without a mid morning nap now so that is good. But again, I still have my days that I could seriously sleep all day! lol I will be 11 weeks Friday! YAY!

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