Wednesday, December 31, 2008

21.5 week appointment

Went great. I did end up gaining 5 freaking pounds since last time! ROFL But since I started down one pound I really only gained 4! My doctor did not say one word about it so all is good then! lol Please dear God do not let me gain that much this next month! lol The baby is kicking a LOT more now and I am starting to feel the kicks when I put my hand on my stomach, they are still kind of weak though but getting stronger!! She is a VERY active little baby and already has her days/nights confused! lol She is VERY active at night! lol We weren't able to get a good face shot at me US last week but my dr is not worried about that right now. I talked to her about my dizziness and she said it sounds like a drop in blood sugar and just to eat a little bit more before I get around in the mornings. I also talked to her about the swelling, I did not start to swell this early with Madison so it had me worried. She said not to worry about it right now and just really prop my feet up when I get home from work, not hard to do because I go right to bed after work! ROFL We waited an hour to get seen today! lol Usually they take me right back when I get there, she had been in delivery that morning so she was backed up from that. I don't mind waiting to see her though, she is totally awesome!

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