Thursday, December 11, 2008

More dizziness and headaches :(

Tuesday I was in the shower, not any hotter than I usually take, and had just finished and was drying off. I bent my head down to wrap the towel around my head and started to get REALLY dizzy, I leaned over against the wall and once it went away I tried again. Yeah that was a BIG mistake! This time it was even worse than the first and I started to black out! I raised my head up and took some deep breaths, that seemed to help. The rest of the day if I turned my head wrong or looked down it would happened again. I also had a headache that day. Then since it has been on and off with the dizziness. I am still having my headaches but other than this morning they have not been near as bad as the one that landed me in the ER. I know I should have brought all of this up with my doctor at my last visit but I wasn't experiencing it at the time. If it doesn't get worse before my next visit I will for sure be bringing it up then. I don't have a clue what may be causing this. I have heard that if my blood pressure is low that could be why but it isn't really any lower than normal, not anything to be alarmed about at least, heart rate is good, I am eating normally, I think I am getting enough to drink but may try to up the intake to see if that helps at all. I really hope this stops soon. I almost had to call John to come and get me the other night from work. I had just pulled out of the parking lot and started to get dizzy again! I just took the deep breaths again and it went away. I don't feel like I am breathless or not getting enough air which I also hear can cause this. Who knows, hopefully it will end soon or I have an answer soon.


The Tichenor Family said...

I had that the entire time I was pregnant. I have naturally low blood pressure already and when you are pregnant, your blood vessles widen to deal with the increased blood volume. It means that your blood pressure gets even lower and can make you dizzy. At least that's what it was in my case. They said it's nothing to be worried about- totally normal. Just make sure you sit down or are near somethign to hold onto when you first start getting dizzy.

Hugs to you sweetie!!!

Amariah said...

Something similar happened to me and my Dr. said that it was low blood I just started eating more. It was during the time that I had morning sickness (all day) so it was tough to keep food down.