Wednesday, February 4, 2009

27 week appointment......

Nothing new as usual. The baby looks great, everything else looks great, I am doing great. lol Let's see, we talked about me getting highlights which she said she had no problem with! WOOHOO!! Hmmm what else. She gave me my info on the epidural so I need to call and get that set up. I go back on the 18th and we will measure everything again at that point and I will also have my glucose test then. I now go every 2 weeks, I can not believe I am already at that point! Starting Sunday I only have 90 days left! OMG! My head starts to spin every time I think about that! lol We have SO much to do and that is only 90 days left of just Madison and that makes me kind of sad. I thought I had always been on kind of an emotional roller coaster but I forget pregnancy makes it 20 times worse! Anyway, blood pressure was normal and I am at a total weight gain of 14 pounds, not too bad for being 7 months! Now, if I can just keep it down these last few months! lol

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