Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow, it's been a while

So I had my 29 week appointment last Thursday (the 19th). Everything went just fine. I talked to her about my emotions and she said if they start getting too overwhelming to let her know and she will give me the name of a counselor. So since then I have not had many bad outbreaks, which I am sure John is thankful for! lol A few minor ones here and there but nothing major. So I think just talking to her about it helped. I also did my test for Gestational Diabetes. That came back a little high so I was sent to do my 3 hour on Monday (the 23rd). I have yet to hear anything back from the doctor! I did call on Tuesday and the results were not in yet and was told they would call as soon as they got them back. I am calling tomorrow to find out! I just want to know either way! Ok, I can understand them not calling after testing for a bladder infection but come on, this has the potential to be kind of bad! Just let me know, "You are absolutely fine, nothing to worry about." or "Yes your levels are still kind of high this is what we need to do....." or "You are border line so let's go ahead and just start this..." is that so hard to do?
I am sick. :( I am not sure what I have. My throat hurts, actually it is more scratchy now, I am coughing constantly and my chest and back hurt SO bad from coughing. Hopefully this does not last much longer.
Next week is the Just Between Friends sale in Tulsa. I can NOT wait! It is a HUGE consignment sale that has loads of maternity clothes, baby and kids clothes and just a lot of baby/kids/mommy stuff! I have never been so I have high expectations. lol Hopefully I will not be let down! I need some t-shirts, it is starting to get warm here, and I need to find a dresser for the nursery. We shall see what comes out of it.
I am staying at my moms starting on Sunday and will leave on Thursday. No, nothing is wrong. There is just a lot of stuff I would like to get done and can only do this if I am in, or near, Tulsa.

Ok, I think that sums the last few weeks up. My next appointment is next Thursday, March 5th. WOW! March already! I can't believe it!

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