Saturday, February 14, 2009

I want......

I want COOKIES!!!!!! I don't know why but I am SO craving cookies at the moment! I wonder if there are any in the vending machine and if so do I REALLY want to spend that much on them or just go to Wal~Mart after work?? At least with the ones here there are only a few options, at WM I am likely to buy every stinking kind!

I would also like to know why crib sheets are SO expensive?!?!? I mean really, I can go buy a sheet for under $5 for Madison's twin size bed but have yet to see a crib sheet for under $7.99! And who wants the REALLY cheap ones that won't last through one wash and are itchy? Not me anyway! The nice comfy t-shirt material ones are like $12! Give me a break! Hmmmm wonder if I could make them myself, worth spending $5 to find out I think! lol

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