Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/28 update....

WE HAVE MOLD! :( I went to the house yesterday, while I was there a few things happened. A man came by thinking our house was John's sisters house and asked if we needed someone to finish the roof. SO, the guy will start Monday as long as it isn't raining. I am so glad this happened, that is one less thing John has to worry about. Then, I was reading some mail and overheard John and his sister Sandra talking about something that wasn't good so of course I had to go see what they were talking about. They found mold in our bathroom, then checked the walls in our bedroom and there was more in there and then found some in the nursery. John called the insurance company and they will be getting back with us today, he also called Burgraff (the restoration company) and they are supposed to be coming by today with a supervisor. Some of the walls were still wet and they should not have been at all! The girls and I are still at my moms house, there is NO WAY I am going back in that house with them until the mold is gone! It is just really hard being away from John right now, but at least I still get to see him a couple of times a week. Mallory~ Is doing just great! We are done with the lights, her levels are down and the jaundice is pretty much gone now. Since I had to bottle feed her all weekend she isn't wanting to latch on to me now. :( I am going to see how the next few feedings go then we may make a run to the hospital and talk to a lactation consultant. She is up to 8 pounds 3 ounces! She gained 7 ounces in 3 days, which I have learned is REALLY good! lol Her doctor was actually surprised she gained so much. She asked me how I did it but really it was all Mallory. She FINALLY went to the bathroom a few really good times then ate like a little piggy! lol I never thought in my life I would be so happy about a baby pooping! She is starting to become more alert now, it just isn't always at the right time of day. She likes to stay up until about 1-2:00am and then is up again to eat at 4:00! Oy! But she is doing great! Thank you for all of the prayers!I am doing better as well. Well, I was until yesterday! lol Sunday was a good day, I did not cry at all until I had to say bye to John. Yesterday was great until they found the mold. I even looked cute! lol I am able to drive myself now, that is an awesome feeling! lol You forget just how much you miss not having to rely on someone and can just go and do whatever. I took Madison to Target to get a few things Sunday, it was nice to get out and spend some time with just her. Madison is still doing really well and is an awesome big sister! She just loves Mallory, always has to kiss her and touch her. Too cute. Oh and to Stacy ( I think it was you that asked) we have Travelers insurance.

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