Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on baby and house

Ok, so we already have our checks from the insurance company! We have a check to cover the replacement of the floors, the ceilings and a few other things, then a separate check to cover the cost of a new mattress. John has been doing what he can when he can with the roof, the girls and I are now at my moms for who knows how long so he can get more done. Hopefully we can get things done fast and be back in our home soon, the clean up is going to SUCK though! Mallory had her first doctors appointment on Tuesday. She weighs the exact same she did when we left the hospital. The doctor thought she looked REALLY jaundice so we had to do a blood test. Her level is 15.9%!! Not good! We were given lights to place her under until Thursday. She is to be under the lights at all times except when eating or having her diaper changed. I have to feed her every two hours, I only have 30 min to feed, change and calm her then back under the lights, after 15 min I have to check her temp then I can go to sleep for about an hour and start the process all over again. We go back in tomorrow to check her weight and levels again and hopefully we will be done with this. I swear it just is not stopping for us! :( Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.As for me, I am holding on, as much as I can anyway. Yesterday was a really bad day for me, I cried pretty much all day. I am not worried about PPD because I think if our house was not a complete mess I would be totally fine with everything that is going on. But I do know the signs to watch for, so does John and will call if I start showing any signs. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I love you all.

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babyyahyah said...

poor baby. we had to dop the same thing with james too when he was a baby.