Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you in the 918 or know someone that is or just curious about saving some money honey?

Let me share a few things with you then. The past few months I have been making some changes in the way I shop and yes I have actually saved some mucho denero! I once save over $90 at Walgreens! $90!! That is a huge chunk o change! Want to know how I am doing it? Well with the help of the 918 Coupon Queen and the 918moms! This group of ladies is wonderful and so helpful! Check us out here. They make is so easy for you! Each week they break down the stores for you and match up the coupons so you can find the best deals! I paid $0.16 cents last month for a 6 pack of applesauce at Target just by reading a few posts in the group! Not in the 918? Don't worry, you can save as well! A lot of the deals for Walgreens and Target that are posted can also be found across the country, while prices may vary you will still get a good deal. A few other great sites I love to use are Deal Seeking Mom, $5 Dinners and believe it or not....Twitter! Yep, I said Twitter! lol I know, I know, it is Twitter for heavens sake BUT! A lot of stores and restraunts offer Twitter ONLY specials and The Queen and 918moms offer Twitter only deals and giveaways!!!! So yes, you can save money and score free stuff using Twitter! lol Just go check it all out and if you have questions let me know!

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