Monday, May 18, 2009

It's been awhile since my last update

So allow me to update you all.

Mallory goes in for her one month check up tomorrow! I can't believe it has already been a month! Wow! She is getting so big. I weighed her the other day and she is already over 10 pounds! lol She is such a little chunk! Sooo stinking cute! She has all of these little spots on her face that we are concerned about, not to sure what they are. Hopefully it is just baby acne, we will find out tomorrow I am sure. Her cord finally fell off last weekend, boy was that nasty! It came off a bit earlier than I think it was ready for so it was pretty goopy for a few days. It looks great now though. I think I figured out that she sleeps great if she is in her bed but if we put her in the bed downstairs she cries until you pick her up and hold her! Spoiled kid! lol

Our house is ALMOST done!! YAY! My hubby has been working SO hard! He needs a vacation! We should be able to move back in, for real, next week! I am SO excited about that!! He and his friend Chris finished hanging the sheetrock last night. John is going to tape and mud the joints (?) today then he thinks he and his mom will be painting tomorrow!! Carpet should be going down Thursday or Friday! I am debating on going home Monday or Wednesday.

I am doing pretty good. I lost another 2 pounds! YAY! So I am now actually losing weight, I have lost all of my baby weight from Miss Mallory and am now down 2 pounds of baby weight from Miss Madison! lol WooHoo! Hopefully I can keep this up when I go home and am not going up and down stairs 10 times a day! lol Guess I will have to get that treadmill set up and actually use it! My birthday is TOMORROW!!! I will be 26 this year. ROFL Yeah right. I don't know why but I am having a hard time with this birthday, maybe it is because I remember when my mom turned 28! lol Weird! This past year has just been a blur! It was full of trying to get pregnant and then my pregnancy, losing a job and going back to one I love, then not working at all! I lost a couple of family members along the way and gained a few more. Hopefully this year will bring even more happiness and less sorrow.


God, My Savior Forever! said...

Wow..reading your post felt as if I were talking to myself because I can totally relate to it in several ways. Looks like we have some things in common...this year hasn't been easy for me. I also lost two very important people in my life. In Jan I lost my grandfather who was like a father to still is very hard trying to live without him:( In march I also lost one of my aunts who was very motherly to me. She actually held my hand during my grandfather's funeral. I will always miss her. But like you..the Lord also blessed us with beautiful nephew Isaiah was born and I was able to be at his birth! My lil sis also got married last month so we have a new brother in law and we have a niece on the way on my husband's side of the fam. My husband has also been working hard on our house but on our patio. He's been working on it since last year all by himself. He is so happy and I am very proud of him!!! He says that now he can relax and I agree! Looks like you guys took some to trying to concieve? We've been trying for 3 years. The journey hasn't been easy especially when everyone around you is pregnant lol but we know that God has children in store for us and a baby will bless our lives in HIS time!!! We long for that day! We are also turning 30 and like's not easy knowing that in 10 yrs we'll be "over the hill" ahhhh no fun lol. We are very young at heart though so we grab hold of that! So neat to see how much we have in common lol. We are actually getting our house really because mostlikely we need to move out since my hubby's in the army and we will be getting transferred just don't know where or when. It's so awesome to know you lost all your pregnancy weight...I knew it could be done! You're an inspiration! I too, want to work hard to loose the weight after my pregnancies! Are dieting, exercising, both??? What's the secret lol. Have a blessed day...I'm cheering for you can continue to loose weight!

xoxoxo, Susan

Brandi said...

Well thank you Ms Susan! lol We tried for our Mallory for a year, my story about that is my very first post here. You may have to go through a few pages to find it but you may find some info to help. It is VERY frustraiting when everyone around is pregnant! I SO know how you feel about that one. I announced to a friend that we were trying, when we first started, and her and her hubby decided to start trying again as well. Two months later she was pregnant and I was still trying. Then it seemed like a friend or family member announced their pregnancy every month. As for my baby weight, honestly I just really watched my weight when I was pregnant and littleraly it was all baby and fluid. As soon as I had Mallory and all the swelling went away I was back to my prepregnancy weight. My pants still don't fit because my weight has shifted and my butt is even bigger now than it was but weight wise, I am doing good! lol Well, kind of, 100 more pounds to go but I will get there one pound at a time! I have just been watching what I eat and not eating SO much.