Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recent Reality TV "Shockers"

I don't get it, really I just don't get it at all. Why is it such a shocker that my girl Shawn won DWTS?? She was good! Ok, yes maybe not as good as Gilles but she was still REALLY good! And besides, it is a matter of who votes! I am guessing she got a LOT of younger votes. Now, onto AI! HELLO!!! Kris is REALLY good and I would MUCH rather buy his CD than Adam's! Now, don't get me wrong Adam is really good to in his own way (just not really my style). Adam was just a bit to over the top for me. With Kris I know what I am getting, and I like that, with Adam I don't know. And for the record, no the gay thing was not why I think Kris won over Adam! That is just stupid and I think the media is pulling at strings with that one! Do they forget who actually votes on that show? It is the tweens and teens! Yes the adults watch the show but not near as many of them vote as the tweens. So congrats to Shawn and Kris! Now, onto So You Think You Can Dance! LOVE that show! Oh and BTW, Lacey AND Chelsie from DWTS got their start on that show! Way to go girls!

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