Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well when it rains it pours!!

Mallory is GREAT! FANTASTIC actually! Her doc was very pleased with her weight, she is now at 10 pounds 5 ounces!! WOW! She agreed that for whatever reason my children do not like to grow until they get closer to their due date! lol She said to make sure and remember that for next time....um does she know something I don't? lol She said the bumps ALL over Mallory's face, head, ears, and neck are some fungal thing. Nice. So she gave us some cream for that. NOW....on to Miss Madison. Last night while giving her a bath I noticed bumps on her back, shoulders and three on her chest/stomach. They did NOT look like what Mallory has at all. So while we were at the doctor today we had her look at them. After she called her assistant in to confirm we were given the news that what Madison has is.......freaking CHICKEN POX! WTH?!?! She had both the vaccine AND the booster! I knew going in that they were not 100% but I took the chance and gave her the shots anyway. Good news is that since she has had the shot she 'should' have a MUCH milder case, thank God! I still remember when I had chicken pox, I remember the very first one I got. My cousin thought it was an infected hair! ROFL Nope! lol Anyway, Dr. J gave us some meds for both of the girls. For Miss Madison it will help them go away and for Miss Mallory it will help them stay away! I just pray Mal does not get them, that would just be terrible! So, so far my birthday has been pretty interesting. Guess I will always remember when I turned twenty-something. lol I don't know though if this one beats my 21st when our house flooded! lol Hopefully it does not get anymore interesting tonight! Just a nice fun night with the family that is non eventful is all I want! Oh, and ice cream-cake! lol

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babyyahyah said...

happy birthday and hope the pox's stay away from mallory!