Monday, July 27, 2009

A few of my favs...

So I have a few websites other than Facebook I frequent regularly believe it or not! lol Some of you have heard me talk about them before for others this will be new to you. Every morning after I check Facebook and my email I head to to see what is going on over there. I have made a few friends there and like to see what they have going on and I also like to see if there are any new deals out there that I can't pass up! Now you know if you don't live in the 918 (the local area code) you can still hit the site up because a lot of the deals are nationwide! WhooHoo! Another site I adore is Twitter! lol Yes, I do love Twitter! Why? Because the 918 Coupon Queen puts exclusive deals out there as well as some other great mommy bloggers. Around 10:00am every morning I check out, and to see what cute new things they are offering. If you have never been to those sites you have got to check them out! Kidsteals is not up yet but they should be soon so just keep checking back with them but, the other two offer one fantastic deal a day. You have to be SUPER fast on some of them, ok on most of them. lol I bought a CUTE boutique sleep sak for Mallory for $13 last week! WOWZA! A new site I also like is I know such a silly name but I love it! Anyway, these are just a few of the sites I LOVE and can't wait for you all to check out! There are of course TONS of other blogs and sites I check out during the day but you can find most of them through the sites mentioned above.

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