Monday, July 27, 2009

Me + Cleaning = MAJOR procrastination!

For whatever reason cleaning the house and I do not get along very well! lol Sure I get a while hair every once in a while and will clean, clean, clean a room until it is totally spotless, then I walk in the next room and it is pigsty and I just get overwhelmed! How do you do it? How do you keep a house clean at all times when you have a hubby that works weird shifts, a 4 year old that drags every toy she has ever owned out in every room of the house and a 3 month old that likes to eat every other hour for at least 30 min then wants to be held or needs changed or spits up for the millionth time and needs changed AGAIN? I hope when the Mads goes to school I can get into a routine and get things done and keep it clean. I do about 4 loads of dishes a DAY! Countless loads of laundry and am always picking up toys and trash it seems like. I have come to the conclusion that we have entirely WAY to much stuff in this house and I need to just be a hard ass and get rid of most of it! Why do I hold on to things for so long? I have no idea so if you do please let me know! I mean I have magazines dating back to before I got married! ROFL I have a bin full of Bennie Babies (remember those) that I held onto in hopes of turning them into cash some day. Little did I know at 15 they would not always be so cool! lol I would love to just list it all on Ebay or Craigslist but my God do you know how long that would take? But on the other hand I would make SOME money by doing that! We already took a van full of just clothes to Goodwill once this year and now we need to make at least 5 more trips with just stuff! No, I am not kidding we really do have that much stuff to get rid of! Then there are the trips that we need to make to the dump to haul off all the trash! It isn't like gross trash like leftover food that makes your house smell it is just like papers and just stuff. I did learn that Best Buy will take your old computers, printers, scanners, electronics, etc for recycle and depending you can get a $10 gift card in return, that wouldn't be so bad. I just need to get on the ball and just get with it but it is getting to that point I am having an issue with. Ugh!

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