Monday, July 27, 2009

School shopping for the first time!

Well, we went shopping for school supplies for the very first time tonight! It was kind of sad because my baby girl is taking the next step and will now be in school! This is a big step! I know it is just pre-k but it is still school. The list was not near as long as I was expecting. The things you would expect to be there were there, crayons, markers, scissors, Kleenex and construction paper, along with a few things I didn't expect to see, 2 child size toothbrushes. The teachers asked for certain brands which I feel should be left up to the parent. I would much rather spend $.75 on scissors than $2.00 but oh well. At the bottom of the list was another list that said we do not have to get the following items but if we wanted to pick them up while we were out they would appreciate it. Me being the nerd I am got a few of the "extras". I just want to be the "good" mom that the teachers know they can come to if they need something. lol I want to be involved with the class and help in anyway I can but at the same time I don't want to go too far and be the "annoying" mom. lol Such a fine line! School starts August 12, it is right around the corner!

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babyyahyah said...

good luck madison! she is going to do great in prek