Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week has not been so good.

So it started off on Sunday afternoon. Madison decided to put Carmex ALL over her face as makeup! OMG! HUGE nasty rash! Got her all cleaned up told her to NEVER put ANYHTING on her face unless mommy or daddy says it is ok. Then later that day she walks in and her face was REALLY breaking out! BAD! I knew it wasn't from the Carmex so the questions began...Madison, did you put something on your face? No. Did you put something on your hands? No. Madison it is VERY important you tell me what you did. I didn't do anyfing. Ugh! Madison, you aren't going to get in trouble for telling me, I just need to know. Silence. Madison, did you put something on your face? No. OMG! Did you put something on your hands and rub it on your face? Ummm yeah, I did. What was it? silence! It was the Fabreze airfreshner in the her bathroom! Not only did she rub it on her face she sprayed the toilet paper and wiped her butt with it! OMG! In the bath she immediatly goes, wash, wash, wash then Benadryl was administered! She still had a bit of irritation left in the morning but NOTHING like it was! She got in a lot of trouble this time and said she would never put anything on her face without asking agian, her own words of course. lol

Monday we go meet the new teacher, get home and she walks in to my room with stuff on her face! Are you flipping kidding me?!?! This time it was strawberry Chapstick! OMG! What is it going to take for this child to get it?!?

Tuesday John was in the den with Madison and they were eating popcorn. Somehow the bowl they were using fell off of Madison's lap and broke. Madison came tumbling after and cut her butt! Ugh! Of course John goes running to the bathroom with her while she is screaming "BLOOB! There is BLOOB!" OMG! lol So we get her situated in the bathroom, John sits on the edge on the tub with Madison laying on her tummy facing the tub wall on Johns lap and I was sitting on the toilet facing them, yes it is a very small bathroom! lol So we start doctoring her up when she let's out "Oh I am worried, I am so so worried!" ROFL Of course I start laughing, where does she get this stuff, then she yells at me for laughing! lol Oy! Have I mentioned yet this child HATES band aides? Yeah! So we tell her we can either put a band aid on or she can get stitches (she did not need them at all but we were just trying to get her to be still). She said stitches! LMAO! So John said "Ok, let's go to the hospital then." "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Band aid! I want a band aid!" We had to use a makeshift band aid. I ran to the store got some better stuff, some finger nail polish and some M&M's. Chocolate does fix everything right?? So if putting the band aid on was not bad enough, try taking it off and putting a new one on! OMG! lol

Yesterday (Wed) was the whole school fiasco! For those of you that have not heard yet........

Madison has been SO excited ALL summer to start school! She woke up at 6:30 yesterday morning all on her own so excited and ready to go! So we walk to school and she is just as happy as can be, until we get there. Then the other side of her came out! lol She did not want me to leave, ok I totally understand that. I stayed in the classroom with her for a bit then a little boy she went to daycare with came in so they started playing. I snuck out, got halfway down the sidewalk and here comes Madison RUNNING and SCREAMING at the TOP of her lungs MOMMY!! Don't leave me!! Moooommmmyy!! OMG! Talk about heart wrenching! So I stop and walk back toward her, pick her up and give her a hug telling her the entire time it is ok, she would have SO much fun today! The aid was quickly on her heels but just not quick enough. lol the aid scooped her up, I gave her one last hug and off they went back to class Madison SCREAMING the entire way. They get to the door and Madison blocked it so they couldn't get in! lol I saw the teacher after school and she said it took about 5 min but she calmed down, thank God! I am now known as the "Mom of the screamer". Lovely. John and I made our way to the sidewalk again and another mom saw that I was crying and stopped and gave me a hug. lol
Walking to school
After her long day at shcool

Today I told John he was going to have to handle it because I just could not take that again. So he took her in this morning. He said he was holding her and when he put her down she whimpered a bit. One of the teachers came and got her and off they went, Madison screaming "DAAAADDYYY" along the way. :( But it wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday! PHEW! Man I hope this week gets better!

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Jennifer Froh said...

Oh my goodness! You need a long relaxing bubble bath and a glass of wine! What a week you've had! I know it's hard now, but it WILL get better. I promise! It will :) I always had tears from my boys, but they only lasted a couple days. They start back on Monday and I'm praying this year will be easier :)

Hugs, Jenny