Thursday, October 1, 2009


It is October, and you know what that means! It is time to carve pumpkins! Or Watermelon if you fancy that! lol I am so excited to FINALLY post about this giveaway! Because of my wonderful cousin Karrah I am able to offer you something very unique! Karrah has offered to carve a (fake) pumpkin for you! The winner will be contacted by Karrah and you guys will talk about what you have in mind and Karrah is going to do her gosh darn best (well she always does that anyway) to make your pumpkin dreams come true! Now let me say this, I, repeat I, will NOT be carving this pumpkin! If I did you would end up with something that resembles a standard jack o lantern but just not quite. We don't want that! Karrah, she is a master carver! Yes, really take a look at those pics! She got started carving pretty early on in life but it wasn't until about 5 years ago she realized she was pretty darn good at it. She told me that her favorite piece of work was Super Mario. That was the first pumpkin that she did that she was really proud of enough to start taking pictures. It was after that particular pumpkin when Karrah started to get requests and started selling them. The hardest one you may ask? "Freddy Krueger, hands down" she tole me. Just in case you want to know a little extra about The Amazing Karrah.... "I am a graphic designer for a music store, and have designed several nationally published magazine ads. Oh, I can play "Angel in a Centerfold" on the Recorder." That's right people, she said a recorder! I am telling you! She is amazing! So how do you win you may be asking? Well.....
~Become a follower here on my blog and post a comment telling me so! If you already are a follower just post that.
~Tweet, Facebook, Myspace and/or Blog about this and come back here and tell me you did so.
~Let us know what your favorite pumpkin you carved looked like!
That's it! Pretty easy! You get one entry for each! Also, make SURE I know how to contact you if you win. Winner will be announced Thursday October 8th.
Much Halloween love to you all!


Susan said...

Just posted on my facebook!!!


Susan said...

My favorite pumpkin I carved was a haunted mansion one. It was one of those tracing ones, but still rocked, LOL!!!


Susan said...

Posted it on my Myspace bulletin too!

Lisa Patton said...

Well, I don't carve anything that resembles anything ever! I can paint a mean pumpkin though. would love to have a pro carve one!! Awesome!!

Lisa Patton

Anonymous said...

We never carved pumkin.. We always paint them!! This is a neat giveaway