Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Friday Morning!!

Hello everyone! It is a beautiful fall morning! The air is VERY crisp, the trees have been kissed by the sun (as Madison says), the birds are singing and it is just awesome! I may ask the Mr if he would like to go for a walk after I feed Mal, it is the perfect morning for that. Ok, now on to what I was going to tell you all, well as a matter of fact I don't actually remember! Oh wait! There it is, don't you just love those "mommy" moments? As a lot of you already know I am on Facebook, a lot, a lot lot! I post all kinds of things over there that I may or may not post on my blog. Come on, be my friend, be sure to mention you know me through my blog. I am also on Twitter, yes Twitter! It is great for learning the best deals first and being the first to hear breaking news and all kinds of other things. You can find me there by clicking here, in a few days I will give you a list of my favorite tweeps to follow!

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