Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recent Issues with Babies R Us

Some of you may have seen my tweets or FB updates recently about issues with the Joplin BRU location. For those that did not see them let me fill you in. Back in Jan we put a new carseat on layaway for Madison. We paid it off on Feb 5th. As stated in their contract they have 14 days from final payment to get the product to you. We were told at the store we more than likely have it withing the week. Two weeks passed and we still had not received a call from the store letting us know the seat was in. We were in the area so we decided to stop and see what was going on and what could be done. The very sweet girl, Brittany, that was helping us had all kinds of people looking for the seat. We finally talked to Ken, a super or manager of some sorts, and we were told the seat was not in but they do have a truck and inventory shows 2 seats like we ordered were on the truck so more than likely one was ours. He told us the truck would not be unloaded for a couple of days and someone would call to let us know. Well, today came around and no one called. I called the store and they told me it was not in. I then called customer service to see what the company policy was. I talked to Debbie, who was very nice also, and she said since not every store has a layaway program there is not a company policy on it. That makes no sense to me but whatever. She said I could file a complaint with corp and someone would get back to me in 5-7 days! WHAT?! 5-7 days? Well, guess it is just going to have to be that way. I called the store back because I just got more and more upset as time passed. I mean if I were to cancel the order I would not get my deposit back or anything but if they don't hold true to their contract oh well? I don't think so! So I called the store to see if I could just cancel the order and was told I would have to do so at the store. So, John and I packed Mallory up and headed to Joplin. We were greeted by Autumn, who has helped me a lot and is always super sweet. We told her what was going on and she looked one more time just to be sure. Lo and behold the seat was in! Hmm wonder how it magically appeared within 1.5 hrs. So someone brings the seat up and the box looks like it has had better days. Autumn asked if we wanted to just go ahead and put it together in the store or just take it home. I almost said we would just take it home but something stopped me and I instead told her we would like to put it together in store. I am SO glad I said that! We pull the seat out of the box and there is no plastic wrapper, like there always in on new carseats and there was no instruction book or warranty info, like there always is. Autumn was also shocked at the condition of the seat and said it should not look like the way it did. Upon further review we decided the warehouse shipped a USED and then RETURNED seat to us!!! NOT COOL! Needless to say, we got 100% of our money back. I am still in shock the warehouse would make a mistake like that! Needless to say, corp will be getting another call from me in the morning. John has decided we just aren't going to do business with TRU/BRU anymore but I just don't know about that yet.

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