Friday, December 4, 2009

What's the deal Pickle?

As we get closer and closer to Christmas more and more deals are out there waiting for you to snatch them up. But please, do not run out for these deals until I have had a chance at them first! Kidding, kidding. Sort of! There has been a recent rash of hoarders in the area. If you are the crazy band aide lady (CBAL) that recently made a Walgreens run to get 50 boxes band aids for free, give it a break! Nobody needs that many band aids! As a result of the CBAL and others, stores are changing their policies. That makes it really hard on the rest of us that just want to score some MUCH needed wipes for free, one or two packages is all I am asking for. So please remember while you are snatching up the awesome deals to follow, please leave some on the shelves for others.

~Babies R Us has a GREAT sale on Earth's Best baby food . You can get 10 jars for only $5. Pair that up with this $1/10 Earth’s Best Baby Food coupon and your jars will be .40 each!
~Purchase any Kraft product and the new Merry Madagascar Christmas DVD from Walmart and you can score this $2.50 Kraft Foods & Merry Madagascar Rebate! Some restrictions apply.
~How about some FREE photo cards? Sweet huh? How about 50 FREE photo cards? Now we are talking! Visit and sign up, then design 4×8 photo cards, enter code "newbaby" at checkout and they’ll be free! You do have to pay $3.19 for shipping but hey, that is still a GREAT deal! Already have your Christmas cards? Then use these for Valentines Day cards!
~The Queen has some AWESOME Restaurant Gift Card deals on her site. Be sure to check out the Melting Pot deal! WOW!
~Who doesn't love the smell of Yankee Candles? We all have our favorite scent and they sure have enough to pick from. YC is offering a great coupon...... $10 off the purchase of $25 coupon! You can also use this coupon online with code B28RZF. These make great teacher's gifts!
**All of these deals were found on the 918 Coupon Queen website. Be sure to check it out! While you are there take a peek at the forums and sign up for the coupon trains!! We need more people from out of state to sign up!

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