Monday, March 29, 2010

A dash, a couple, a few, beau coup!

We all have our own theory on what a dash, a couple, a few or beau coup is. To me a dash is something you do at a track and field meet, a couple is about 2, a few is 2-4 and beau coup, well that is the whole kitten caboodle! When it comes to couponers (come on now you knew it would end up being about coupons!) it seems the sky is the limit to how many variations there are to each of these. It also seems that if your amount is over someone elses amount the battle begins.
I for one believe that if you are to go out and buy say 50 bottles of shampoo, at one store, during one trip, in one day, that is going a bit overboard. Even if it is free, even if you are stocking up for a year and even if you are going to give some of it away.
Why do I think this? Well because 50 bottles of shampoo is a stinking lot of shampoo! But, there is more to it.
Stores track sales, stores also track coupons, and stores such as the one I am talking about (even though I am not mentioning the name) keep a very close eye on multiple transactions. If the store thinks things are getting out of hand things will begin to change. Limits will be placed on the amount of items you can purchase in a transaction, day, etc.
This may surprise some of you but I for one am all for limits on purchases! Why? Because if I happen to be running low on shampoo I want to be able to go to the store and get in on the deal that everyone else is getting and not having to get all huffed up because the person before me just bought the last 20 bottles of shampoo. I just needed a 'few' to carry me through to the next great deal.
Now, since we are on the subject of shampoo, I have not HAD to buy shampoo in over a year now! Amazing, I know. Why? Am I the one that went out and bought the beau coup of shampoo? No, I am not. But, I did get in on some great deals through out the past year that has me fully stocked and has kept me fully stocked for a while. I for one shop like that, buy one or two here and there.
Am I saying this is the right way and all others are wrong in the way they shop? Of course not! All I ask is that you not buy out the entire store in one trip, don't even come close, leave a 'few' for others. I am just simply trying to say, what is a dash, a couple, a few, beau coup to me, is totally different for you!

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Anna Marie said...

Nice article, Brandi! How did you ever get the idea for it????