Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it even worth it?

YES! Now, just what is worth it you may be asking? I have recently teamed up with the 918 Coupon Queen family and am now a trained Coupon Coach. What does that mean exactly? I will take you shopping and for one hour we will shop your store of choice and I will show you the best deals for products you use every day. Just go to 918couponqueen.com and click on the Store tab. Scroll down a bit and click on Coupon Coach. Yes, there is a cost of $60. Now, before you go rolling your eyes and thinking that is a lot of money just to use a coupon or two here and there especially when generics are still cheaper, let me tell you a few facts. You are absolutely right! It IS a lot of money to pay to learn how to use a coupon or two here and there. That is not what the Coupon Coach session is about. Once done with the session you will have the knowledge to literally cut your grocery bill by at least half! Yes, seriously by at least half! Just yesterday, using the tips and techniques I will teach you, I saved 57% on my groceries! My out of pocket cost for groceries for the week was $28! Do I have your attention yet? It can be done! A lot of people think they are just too busy to worry about coupons. I agree, we are very busy these days. But if you are cutting your bill by at least 50% then I say make time! Plus, honestly it really does not take a lot of time. When I first started it took about an hour week to cut, organize and go through the sale ads. Now, it takes about 15-30 a week to do all of that. BTW, I have not bought generic products in over a year now! Ok, I take that back. Yesterday I "bought" a loaf of generic garlic bread, but it was part of a deal and free when I purchased something that was on my list. So go! Sign up! If you need to, save up the $60! I promise, it IS worth it and you WILL make that cost up in your first month (if not week)! Not in the Tulsa area? Don't worry, I will travel to SE Kansas and SW Missouri! Don't forget to request me when you submit your order!

Happy Couponing!

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