Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coupon tip for the day

Are you trying to buy more organic products? A lot of people are these days. Companies are aware of this. If you are like me you get a knot in your stomach thinking about the cost of some of the organic products compared to their 'regular' sister products. Did you know there ARE coupons out there for a LOT of organic products? If you don't see a coupon for your products just visit the company website or call the customer service number found on the back of the package and ask if they have coupons available. Did you also know that more often than not you can use your 'regular' product coupons on their organic sisters? A lot of coupons say on Any Variety. So let's take Ragu Pasta Sauce (RPS) for example. Did you know they have both an organic line and a 'regular' line? Yeah, I didn't either at first. However, they do and you can use your regular RPS coupon on the organic line! WooHoo!! Just make sure to read your coupons, as long as they do not specify the coupon can ONLY be used on a certain size, variety, etc you are free to use it on different sizes and varieties. Don't go by the picture on the coupon either. Companies will more often than not put the mos expensive product variety on the coupon to try to "trick" you into thinking you HAVE to buy that one. Not true, unless it does actually state that on the coupon.
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