Monday, April 5, 2010

Let me count the ways....

Growing up I was always told to count my blessings. Recently I have been blessed in so many amazing ways that I can not even begin to count them. Just tonight on my way home from speaking at a local church I thanked God for blessing me in the way he has and for using me in a way I never thought I could use to bless others. I am so thankful I can use my gift to help those around me. I hope I can continue to bless others and offer hope to some.

Tonight watching the women's faces light up when some of them got 'it' and knew that it is possible to turn their situation around with something as silly and simple as coupons! I thank God for leading me to Sarah and for blessing her with the knowledge of coupons and being able to help those around her, the Tulsa area and the nation be able to do so many amazing things with nothing more than a coupon! I am always amazed to hear others share their stories of how they were able to take a really bad financial situation and be able to turn it around because they are now saving so much money. It is funny sometimes how God decides to use you, but if you just go with it and do not fight it, it is even more amazing just how far it will take you and just how much you will be blessed.

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TASMO2 said...

I love this post! We should all take the time to count our blessings, and you are 100% talented at couponing! Great job!