Monday, April 12, 2010

I can't coupon if I am single!

I hear this ALL the time! I also hear, "I can't coupon because there are just two of us and it would really be pointless". Actually, you CAN still coupon if you are a singleton and also if you are part of a duo.

Everyone likes to save money, right? So why should it even matter if there is just one or two in your house? Honestly, it shouldn't and it doesn't! The concept is the exact same! Why spend full price on something if you can get the EXACT same thing for a $1 or so, or better yet, FREE?

Did you know most coupons can be used for the smaller sized product? It is true! Unless the coupon has a specific size on it, you can use it for ANY size! Most of the time this will also get you the best deal. Let's take canned cinnamon rolls for instance. My daughter and I are the only ones in my house that like to eat these so I just buy the small can of them. Because I shop at a store that doubles my coupons I can often times get these REALLY cheap! Even if your store does not double coupons you will get your best deals, most of the time, by purchasing a smaller size.

Let's now move on to full, regular sized products. Take shampoo for example. We ALL use shampoo! Ok, ok, I know some people out there in this world do not use shampoo (you know who you are), but for the most part everyone uses shampoo. Did you know you can often times score FREE shampoo?! You can! Walgreens ALWAYS has great deals on shampoo and other personal items such as razors and deodorant. Don't like driving all over town trying to get the best deals? Price match at Walmart or Target!

Now that I have planted the coupon bug in your little single ear, head on over to and get more info! While you are there sign up for a Coupon Coach! Don't forget to request Princess Brandi for your session!

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