Sunday, May 16, 2010

Harp's Double Event

Harp's, a local employee owned grocery store, is having their double coupon event this week! It starts on Wednesday, which just so happens to be my birthday!! I am SO excited about this event! Yes, I know I shop at a store that doubles up to and including $1 every day but there is just something about Harp's that makes my heart skip a beat.

Let me just start with the bathroom. Oh my! As a mom, I am a frequent bathroom visitor (fbv). Being a FBV I have seen as many bathrooms as coupons I have in my binder! Trust me, that is a lot! The bathroom was sparkling! No seriously, it was! I mean it was like someone gets on their hands and knees to scrub that floor 50 times a day sparkling. It was seriously amazing!

The cleanliness did not stop at the bathroom. Oh no, it did not! The floors of the actual store were spotless! The produce area was so clean, stacked nicely and well lit. This store is seriously amazing!

Let's move on to the employees. The first employee I came in contact with was in the bakery. I was just walking by admiring the awesome cakes they have on display when I was greeted. "Good morning! Welcome to Harp's!" Well thank ya! Good morning to you as well. This set my mood for the rest of the trip. I actually caught myself humming a little tune. HA! When was the last time you enjoyed grocery shopping so much you were humming as you were shopping?

The cashier at check out was so friendly, she looked at me, and we talked about just random stuff. It is so nice to have a warm body checking you out rather than someone that will not even acknowledge your presence. What topped it off for me? The store manager bagged my groceries! For real! He was friendly and made you feel welcome and you could tell the checker was used to him doing this because she did not seem a bit nervous to have him hanging around.

The Tulsa Harp's store is SO very customer friendly and coupon friendly. They actually want the couponers to save money and get excited for you when you do! A lot of other stores in this area could sure take notes from the folks over at Harp's.

To sum it up. Yes, I live an hour away from this store. Yes, I will make the drive to shop at Harp's for their double event. Yes, if I lived closer I would give them more of my business just because of their customer service. Here is something a lot of stores do not seem to realize these days, I will gladly spend a few dollars more to get amazing customer service.

If you have never been to Harp's, this event is the time to go, you will NOT be let down. Make sure to keep an eye on the forums over at so you are the first to be informed of items that are on sale and if/when they run out of stock and get new trucks in. This is also a great event to start using coupons if you currently are not. Make sure to book a Coupon Coach session so we can help you get the best deals! As always, you can request a coach and as much as I would like you to request me you will honestly be happy with any of the coaches.

See you at Harp's!

Princess Brandi


Marissa said...

Did you know that they are remolding the one in Chelsea, Ok?

Brandi said...

I didn't! I may have to check it out when they are done. The Tulsa Harp's is AWESOME!!!!