Friday, September 26, 2008

I am 8 weeks today!

I can't believe I am already 8 weeks. I know it really doesn't seem like that long but to me it is. I am in that awful stage that all pregnant women dread! The stage where you are starting to show but you just look fat. Well in my case it is a bit worse since I started out fat to begin with! lol I have the urge to start wearing maternity clothes just so it is a little more noticeable that yes in fact, I AM pregnant! The past few weeks have been pretty rough. Thank God John's shift has allowed me to stay in bed just a bit longer and let's him get up with her since she likes to wake up EARLY! When I finally do get out of bed I am STARVING but just don't feel like eating because it makes me feel sick. I have yet to actually trow up so that is good, but the nausea I think is just as bad if not worse sometimes. I was instructed by a friend to just stick my finger down my throat and just get it over with, um no thanks! lol The past 2 days have been better though, I am still hungry all the time but I do have great energy in the morning but by 5:00pm I am just dead tired! I am so nervous and excited for next Friday!! I can not wait to see my little bean! Man that is going to be a CRRRRAAZZYYY day! lol We go to the doctor in the AM then it is off to my moms to help with the last minute wedding things THEN we go to Aunt Brenda's and do what needs to be done there, help Meghan get ready for the parade, go to the parade, come back to Brenda's and decorate the golf cart for Meghan for Homecoming, set up for the rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, THEN MAYBE we can get some sleep! OMG! lol I am going to die! It should be fun though.

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