Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soooo bored!!!!

Ugh! I am so tired of the internet lately! It seems like nothing new is going on and it is just the same ol stuff. :( I need to go get in the shower and start getting ready for work but I just have to motivation today. Madison feel asleep just before 11:00am this morning and is STILL sleeping! She never takes this long of a nap! It is like pulling teeth lately just to get her to lay down, don't even mention a nap because you more than likely won't get one out of her. I really hope she isn't getting sick again. That would be just our luck though, right before the wedding. :( Maybe she is getting ready to go through a growth spurt? Those are the only two times she EVER sleeps like this, when she is getting sick or going through a growth spurt. Let's hope she is just growing. Although not too much because I don't want to have to buy her MORE jeans! lol She is SO tall already! Last season I had to get her 4t's just so they would be long enough! She just turned 3! It's crazy! I can't imagine having to put her in 5t's! Thank God The Children's Place has the jeans with the adjustable waist! Oh, and Target does to but for some reason you have to dig for them at the Targets here. Uh oh! I here little feet walking around the house! lol Go figure I just complain about her sleeping so much and she wakes up! lol Better go get her ready for Grandma's house.

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