Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a night!

I fell asleep three times at work tonight! ROFL OMG! DON'T tell Rich! He would KILL me! It just all the sudden hit me, I was so bored and just worn out! Luckily I woke up each time without anyone noticing I was asleep! lol I have so much to do now that I am home but I just don't want to! Madison and I are going shopping in the morning with the girls, I need to shower and shave because I have my last dress fitting but I really don't want to! I keep debating on weather or not just to go to bed now and wake up earlier in the morning or go ahead and hop in the shower then sleep a little later. I am SO tired right now that just going to bed sounds GREAT! lol Plus I need to pick up the living room and wash the cake pan so I can take it to my Aunt Dee tomorrow. Ok, screw it! I am going to bed! Night all!

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