Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let the madness begin!

Well, my first prenatal appointment is tomorrow. I will get to see the baby(s). I am just really nervous, not sure why but I just am. With Madison I had to wait until 20 weeks to see her, maybe that is why I am so nervous! lol I just want everything to be ok. I was told you worry more with your second because you know more and I am beginning to think that is true! Last night I realized I don't have much more time with just Madison and that makes me kind of sad. I love our time together, she really is a great kid! :( But, I know she will love the baby so much and it will all be ok.

Have I mentioned yet how crazy tomorrow is going to be? AAAAHHHHH!!!! Hopefully it won't be as bad as we all think. lol There should be PLENTY of people there to help get everything done. I am really nervous about my dress not fitting. I told the stupid guy that pinned me for the alterations that I would be pregnant and showing a bit by the wear date.....did he believe me? Nooooooo!!!! So, if it is tight I guess I will just grin and bear it for 20 minutes then go change! lol I am also nervous that Madison will be in one of her moods and not walk down the isle. Oh this is going to be fun!

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Kylee said...

How exciting to see the baby so soon! Can't wait to hear how it went. BTW, love your new background!