Friday, March 27, 2009

34 weeks today!

Man! Where has the time gone? As I made my way to the potty for the millionth time this morning I looked in what is now Madison's room and will soon be Mallory's room thinking, wow in just a few short weeks she will be here! It is kind of hard to actually think the baby that has been growing in me for the past 8 months will soon be here, in our arms! I am at a reflecting point in my pregnancy where I have been looking back and thinking about when we first brought Madison home and the first few months she was here. It is pretty much a daze, you are SO tired it is hard to remember things and the times you aren't tired you are in this total mommy bliss and it is just amazing how you can actually function! lol Madison was (and still is) such a good baby! No, she really was! I really could not have asked for a more perfect baby! Ok, there was this ONE time that she was upset because of gas that I thought about giving up but that is it! lol I am so scared that Mallory will be the total opposite! But, my Aunt Barbara told me that Madison was such a good baby because she was very loved and because I am such a good mom and that this one will be just like her! Awwww!! I so hope she is right! lol Just like my first pregnancy this one has gone by with out any problems thank goodness! Actually, this one has been a lot easier. My gallbladder was acting up with Madison and I seriously thought I was going to die it hurt SO bad! But, we didn't know it was my gallbladder until like 3 months AFTER I had her! Yeah, it sucked! lol

So, here I am today at 34 weeks looking for any sign on labor! lol My braxton hicks contractions have pretty much totally stopped! YAY! lol But they have been replaced by my ligaments stretching and just every muscle in my body moving about. I remember with Madison I would wake up at night with such overwhelming pain in my mouth, of all places, and it seemed nothing would help! Well, I am getting that again this time! It is the strangest thing! Why my mouth would need to loosen up is beyond me but whatever! lol Anyway... I just keep counting down the weekends and it looks something like this:
April 3rd doctors appointment
April 4th local Easter Egg hunt
April 5th Sesame Street Live
April 12th Easter
April 13th Sibling class and hospital tour
April 18th is my shower (I think, I am leaving the date totally up to mom and Aunt Brenda)
April 21st is Michael's birthday
Then from that point on, other than Marissa's birthday, I am clear to have a baby! lol I do really hope I have her in April, May is full enough already! Yeah, it would throw my moms mother ring off (if she were to be born in May she would have 2 emeralds and 2 ruby's and 2 peridots! lol) but hey, why not toss a diamond in the mix? IF she is born in May I hope it is like May 1st! ROFL I just do not want to make it to my due date, I was spoiled because Madison was early and it was great! Ok, well I need to run and take a shower and clean the house a bit, John's friend is staying the weekend with us. I hope you all have a great weekend, stay warm and dry! OH! Yeah, we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow here this weekend! OMG! For those of you that live up north that think that is nothing, to us that is like getting 15 inches! lol

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