Friday, April 10, 2009

36 week appointment!!!!! A little TMI so do not read if you don't want to know!

Last warning, a little TMI!! If you are not a mom you will probably not understand some of the terms and I will NOT answer questions about those terms if you are not a mom or not over the age of 20! lol

OK! Now that we have that coverd for those that follow my blog on facebook! lol Here we go!

Everything went great! They had to try 4 times to get my blood pressure! lol For whatever reason the little machine did not like me so Kristen (my nurse) did it the old fashioned way and it was just perfect, as usual. Everything else looks great as well. This appointment was the one they check for Group B Strep, fun! lol She also checked to see if I was dilated and make sure the fluid levels were ok and heart rate was ok and so on. So she checks me and again gets this look on her face! Grrr! lol I hate it when she does this! lol So she looks at me and says "You are 2-3" Um I am 2-3 what? lol She said "You are 2-3 centimeters!" OMG! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! lol I was freaking out! She asked why and I told her, with Madison we went in to my 38 week appointment and I BEGGED to be SOMETHING! ANYTHING! So my doctor told me I wasn't really anything but she would say I was a 1. lol Ok, I can live with that! This was on Thursday or Friday, Sunday I was in the hospital IN LABOR! lol She goes "Oh, well I can see why you would be freaking out then!" lol Um yeah! So here I am walking around dilated and it is freaking me out! lol With Madison I knew I was having contractions, this one though they are so sporadic it is kind of hard to tell, plus they don't hurt. I am just afraid I will go from 2-3 cen to like 8 and not even know it! ROFL I know I can be this way for the next month but I could also have her next week! We are getting SO close! Plus, I am starting to lose some of the mucus plug, which again doesn't really mean anything but it is just another step closer. Anyway, that is my big news for this week. I go back next Thursday.

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babyyahyah said...

i am betting you be in labour next week.