Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not the homecoming we were expecting

We left the hospital around 3:30pm Saturday afternoon. Since Mallory was 3 weeks early we needed to make a quick BRU run to pick up some birp cloths, receiving blankets and a few other things. Then we were on our way home, so we thought! lol We had to stop once more because both girls were hungry. So we fed them and THEN we got going. We got home around 7:30 pm. John ran to unlock the doors and turn some lights on. He came back out and just stood on the front porch with this look on his face and I just knew something was wrong. For the past week John had been working on our roof because it needs to be replaced. Well he had to stop because it had rained earlier in the week. Little did we know it also stormed pretty bad while we were in the hospital. On the way home we noticed hail along the side of the road, it looked like snow, there was just so much of it! Then we pulled into our neighborhood and noticed leafs and grass stuck to the side of every ones houses. I just knew it would not be good. So he came to the car and told me it was not good and I needed to go look. I walked in the house and could hear water running, I headed back to our bedroom and just about passed out. Our ceiling fell in and water was EVERY WHERE! :( Our bed is gone, our dressers are gone, ALL of our clothes (clean and dirty) are wet and ALL need to be rewashed, they pulled the carpet up, ripped the ceiling out in the bedroom and utility room, the flooring is gone in the utility room and our bathroom, fans are every where drying things out. Lucky the family brigade is either here or on their way to help get things taken care of. We called the insurance company and then the restoration company. The restoration company came out and took care of things last night and will be back Monday to finish things up and then eventually be back to redo the rooms/house. It definitely was not the situation I was picturing walking into with our new baby. We are pretty much homeless right now, not really but it sure does feel that way. We are staying at the hotel right now and will then move to either the family cabins at the lake or to my moms. I am so grateful for our family, I feel bad having to lean on them and have to actually ask for help but mom keeps reassuring me that this is what they are there for and not worry about it. She keeps saying it will all be taken care of but I feel bad, our house was a complete mess before we left because we thought we had 3 more weeks to clean and get things in their place. Please just keep us all in your prayers and thoughts. I will let you know how things are going when we know more.


Kylee K. said...

Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that Brandi. I hope it gets fixed soon!

babyyahyah said...

omg that is horrible. that happened to us once as well when we lived in maryland (of course not right after we had a baby though--that would be BAD)... our whole house was ruined by water from a storm as well. it took us awhile to straighten things out.

Mama Kalila said...

Oh no! Hope everything gets fixed soon!

Found your blog off baby yahyah btw... I love your background!