Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your 3 year old could do the dishes? Well let me tell you, it is wonderful! That's right people, my 3 year old can do the dishes!! What mom would not LOVE that? Let me tell you EXACTLY how a 3 year old does dishes though! lol

Mom loads the dishwasher but forgets to add soap or start the darn thing.
3 year old goes into the kitchen HOURS later to put her spoon in the sink but instead gets curious and puts it in the dishwasher. (mom thinks this is pretty cool!)
3 year old gets even MORE curious and opens some cabinets (mom is in the other room and tells her to get out of the kitchen with out looking at what she is doing)
Mom hears the dishwasher shut
A day later (yes I still have not remembered to put soap in it or start it)
Daddy goes in and puts soap in the dishwasher and starts it
Mommy goes in kitchen and bubbles are EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!!!! Do I need to say that again? EVERYWHERE! lol
Mommy asks Daddy if he was sure he used the right soap, of course he did because he has been doing dishes for years now
Mommy then remembers the day before when darling 3 year old was in kitchen!!

ROFL I guess Madison, being Madison and loving to help, decided she was going to help us out and put soap in the dishwasher. Only, she (being only 3) did not realize you had to use a certain type of soap! lol She put regular dish soap in the little compartment, we use a clear soap so when John went to put soap in of course he did not see anything! Oy! lol


babyyahyah said...

i have known a few ppl who used the wrong soap as well so i kwim about bubbles everywhere.

but i wouldn't complain at least she is helping!

Brandi said...

ROFL Oh I bet you do know a few people! lol