Friday, October 30, 2009


I always loved Halloween growing up. Not so much the scare your pants off, make you sleep in your parents bed for a month stuff that goes along with it but more the cute cuddly things. I remember one Halloween when I was little I got to wear my dance costume and was SO excited about that! Gosh I had to be in like first grade. Then in high school I, for whatever reason, wanted to be a cow. The costume came with utters and my grandpa made me cut them off and sew the hole shut. Then it looked like some deformed utterless cow creature! Growing up my grandma had a trunk with all kinds of cool costumes in it. I loved that trunk! When I was little I would sit and dream of the day that I would be able to fit in some of those costumes, then once I was old enough to wear them I did not want to anymore. Go figure. This will be Madison's 5th Halloween, she will be a pink fairy this year. She was a cute chicken for her first Halloween, yes I have this thing for dressing up as farm animals. This is of course Mallory's first Halloween and she will be a cute little flower. They are going to be so cute! My cousin is going to dress her little girl as Richard Simmons! Yes, the super hyper workout guru! ROFL I can NOT wait to see that! HAHAHAHA! I love that idea and wish I was just half as creative as she is. I love seeing all the kids dressed in their cute outfits and seeing the pure joy on their faces as they get they fill their pumpkins up with candy. I asked Madison the other day if she wanted to keep her candy and eat it or set it on the porch for the Great Pumpkin to come get it and leave a surprise for her. She picked the surprise! WooHoo!! I really do not need all of that candy at my house! I think we may "forget" it at GiGi's house this weekend. I will stash it in her desk upstairs! I bought a pumpkin to carve but never got around to carving it. We may just take it with us and if we still don't get to it I will just give it to my cousin and she can carve it, as long as she leaves me the seeds! lol I hope you all have a SAFE and fun Halloween!!

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