Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Madison!

So tonight was Madison's open class at dance so we were able to watch her. After class was over we went to eat. We were leaving the restaurant and passed the Indian Hospital. John asked if that was the Regional Hospital and I said "No, that is the Indian Hospital" then the conversation when like this.........
Mads: The Indian Hospital (a little fear in her voice)
Me: Yes
Mads: Where are the Indians?
John: They are hiding behind the trees
Me: John, don't tell her that you are going to freak her out!
Mads: They are hiding behind the trees? (fear in her voice)
J: Yeah
M: But I don't see them
J: That is because they are hiding
M: Are they bad?
Me: No, they are not bad
M: They aren't?
Me: No
Me: Is your Meghan bad?
Mads: Noooo
Me: Well she is an indian
M: (said with sheer terror) SHE IS?!?!?!
Me: Yes, she isn't bad is she?
M: No
Me: You Michael and Uncle Rob are indians also
M: But I don't want them to shoot me!!!!!!
OMG! lol
Me: Madison! lol They are not going to shoot you! Indians are not bad!
M: They aren't?
Me: No! Silly!
M: But I don't want my Meghan to be an indian! I want her to stop being an indian!
Me: Well she can't stop being an indian that is just how God made her, she will always be an indian
M: Can I call her?
Me: Sure......
M: Meghan, why are you an Indian
M: Why are you an indian? (please note I only heard Madison side of the convo)
M: But I want you to stop being an indian........... Why? Why can't you stop?
Then she hands the phone to me and I talk to Megs for a bit and hang up.
A few minutes go by
Mads: Does Meghan have an indian costume?
John: Yes she does, she wears it to pow-wows!
Me: (rolling eyes) She does not have an indian costume
M: what is a pow-wow?
J: a big dance. The indians wear cool costumes. Your Meghan wears her costume, Michael has a little feather for his head and your Uncle Rob has a BIG hat for his head with LOTS of feathers
Me: Oh they do not! lol Madison your Meghan, Michael or Uncle Rob do not wear that stuff!
M: Can I wear my indian costume?
J: You don't have an indian costume. You can wear your cow girl costume!
M: OH! OK! (said VERY excitedly)
M: I am going to tell my Meghan to wear her indian costume so I can wear my cow girl costume and we can dance and ride horses!

lol This convo went on for pretty much the entire 40 minute ride home! Then we get home and get ready to get out of the car and what does she ask?
M: Where are the indians?
J: They are hiding behind the trees
Me: John! Do NOT tell her that! You are going to freak her out! lol
So then she was scared and would not get out of the car because John parked next to a tree! ROFL ROFL OMG!

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