Thursday, June 10, 2010

Confessions of a Couponaholic

I love getting the mail!  I always have.  I remember as a child waiting and watching to see the mail person drive into our driveway to turn around.  I lived on an old country road and all the mailboxes were grouped together just down the street.  I would put my shoes on, sometimes, and make a mad dash to get the mail.  Granted it was rare at that time I would actually get anything but I loved it none the less.

Now that I am grown I still love it and actually have to stop myself from meeting the mailman at the door!  I actually plan my day around my mail delivery time.  I do.  I know!  I am just weird like that.  But when you get such awesome stuff in he mail, you would as well.

Today for example, I received some coupons that I ordered from, a free lipstick from Walgreens and some coupons from a request I put out on  So, it was a good mail day for sure!  I am always getting coupons and free samples in the mail and I LOVE that!

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Happy Couponing!

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