Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confessions of a Couponaholic


Oh my!  When I see those two little words my heart nearly skips a beat!  My first coupon swap I ever went to was over a year ago.  It was a rather small swap, only 15-20 people there.  I was totally there for the coupons and only the coupons, ok and maybe some of the food because it was at Cossi (YUM) and catered by Cossi (double YUM).  I gained so many new friends that night and learned so much. 

The next swap was a bit larger, maybe 30-40 people.  It was held at a local scrap book store and was a pot luck.  It was fun and I was again there for the coupons and a bit of the food (which was GREAT).  I gained even more friends from that swap. 

The next two swaps were held at a local church and were even bigger than the first two, combined.  Again, great friends awesome food! 

The last coupon swap I attended was this past weekend.  It was the biggest swap EVER!  There were over 100 ladies swapping coupons, sharing stories, eating food and just enjoying the night out of the house.  Going to the swaps has evolved for me, I now go for the food and fellowship and yeah I may walk away with a few coupons but if I don't that is fine also.

If you have never been to a coupon swap before you really should go sometime!  They are a great place to get TONS of coupons, ask questions about coupons and just get to meet new people and get out of the house!  If you can't find a swap in your area start one!  It doesn't take much, coupons, scissors and a few friends.

I hope to see YOU at the next MSQ Coupon Swap!  It will be in August!!

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