Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's for dinner?

I just got some hamburger meat out of the freezer to make meatloaf tonight.  Every time I make meatloaf my husband reminds me of the very first time I made meatloaf for him.

Growing up we had meatloaf I think about once a month week so I knew how to make it.  So I get everything down from the cabinets and get started.  I saute some onions in a pan then I added the meat.  Yes, I BROWNED the meat!  HAHA!  I will never forget the look on Mr. Morgan's face when I told him we were having meatloaf.  HAHA!!

He lovingly asked if I had ever made meatloaf before.  Well, no actually I had not.  But I watched my Granny make it a lot!  Or I thought I did!  I guess I actually was not paying attention to the entire process.

We ended up having spaghetti that night.

Have you ever had any Ooopses like this before?


kim said...

nice new blog. I will have to come back and read all this again and make some yummy food.

Anonymous said...

I had some left over mashed potatoes once when I was first married. I decided to impress my new husband and make one of my childhood favorites - fried potato patties that my mom made for us when we were growing up. I mixed all of the ingredients together, and then carefully dropped the patties into the hot oil. As they cooked, to my horror, I began noticing that small bits of potato started flying off of the edges of the patties and skidding across the top of the grease. In about 5 minutes, all that was left was a soggy layer of floating mush atop the oil! What I didn't know from eating mom's potato patties was that even though you couldn't see it, my mom would put an EGG into the mix, to keep everything glued together. I think hubby and I ended up ordering out that night!

Anna Marie